Week 10: Finished!

So, I tried something different for me, going for shoulder poofiness. Not sure how I feel about it, turned out kind of messy, because I was trying to use the already existing pleats. I both like and loathe the pattern I came up with. It makes me want to try Spoonflower again.



What I do know is that I like the bottom of the jackety thing, there are aspects of this design that I will probs incorporate again.


  1. Over-designed?
  2. Skirt length: ungood.
  3. Maybe waist definition would have been good.
  4. Cleaner shoulder foofs would have been better.
  5. Maybe should have hunted down hook and eye tape.

Def would have been in bottom two.

Total time—06:36
Time left—03:24

No idea what next week’s challenge will be, as the primary focus of the preview is OMG DESIGNER WALKS!!! Only four episodes left!