Week 11: Finished!

I freely admit to not trying very hard this week.  This has been kind of a lackluster season as far as challenges go and I was totes not in the mood for another “make a pretty dress” theme. So this is the least time I’ve spent on a challenge so far and it shows.




  1. The wrap around strap thing doesn’t fit well.
  2. The bottom hem is kind of weird (almost good weird, but not quite).
  3. The ruched bit on the side doesn’t really work.
  4. I was very much not trying.
  5. I honestly tried ironing this a million times. Thank you cotton for wrinkling.

Total time—04:00 or so.
Time left—06:00

Man, knowing that the next ep involves the circus somehow and that after that is the final collection is all that made me even try this week.