Week 12: Finished

Oh spring, how you totally screw with plans because, hey all of a sudden there’s great evenings that last waaay later and oops, didn’t blog.  So, totes should have posted this last week, it’s been done but not shot.

I took the idea of the white motley clown suit and the idea of the shiny trapeeze-wear and made something that maybe could have been “high fashion” if I’d made the pants about six inches shorter.

Week 12: Finished, front

Week 12: Finished, back

I have learned that I love rough piecing.  Unlike what I did with the Murray & me outfits, this wasn’t appliqué on a base fabric, but the joining of three different types of white cotton scraps into one new fabric.  So love the result.  And the process was hella soothing.


  1. Shirt or tunic, make up your mind and be longer or shorter!
  2. Collar should extend more around neck.
  3. Shoulder poofs are a little far back.
  4. Bike shorts, really?

Total time—06:08
Time left—03:52

I’m working on drawing up my ten looks and will get them scanned at at least one look made by next week (a week after the PR finale). I made myself four different body forms to draw on, ’cause I am tired of designing for my scrawny self.