Week 12: Setup/Sketch

At least the challenges are ending with some fun. The theme this week was to be inspired by Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus. Since I have not been to a circus in AGES I just looked up pictures in the Life magazine archives on Google. I’m using for inspiration this great (probs high-speed Ektachrome) shot and this cute one of a circus university from the 1950s.

Here’s my sketch, it’s a terribly rough idea right now and the only for sure thing is the shirt/blouse/top bit:

To get enough white fabric I’m going to have to take apart some failed projects from the mending/I hate basket and piece them together, which I think is going to end up rocking.  The result is supposed to be high fashion, but I am so over that. It just needs to be not as blatantly costumey as the stuff the actual contestants made.

Simultaneously I’ve begun working on sketching out my “final collection” and trying to figure out what I’m going to actually make.