Week 2: Drafting

I did my pattern plotting on the commute home, so I had the time to be kind of a nerd about it.  And to plot it entirely out, forget I wanted to do a halter-back-ish-thing, go back and fix it.

So, watching video clips of the contestant’s reviews in the workroom, I heard it said that this was a “ten-hour challenge.” I don’t watch the show, remember, so I didn’t know what they meant by there being a “day” to complete a challenge.  I was like, “A calendar day? Twelve hours?”  Ten makes sense.  Plus I got the last challenge done in under eight and a half hours, so I’m not worried.

I am a little jealous that the contestants get to drape, my dummy isn’t awesome for that, particularly right now.

The newspaper pieces are cut out and now on to the exciting time of remembering to leave seam allowance!

Total time—0:46
Time left—9:14