Week 2: Finished!

I wanted something totally flippy and ridic.  The setting was “modelling industry party”, so I figured on making the skirt shorter as well.  To work the legs, etc.  I have to give Chase some credit here, he said “you know what could go with burlap? Gold lamé.

Week 2: Front

Week 2: Back

The plaid-ish fabric was salvaged from this insane shirt Chase has had in his closet for years.  I’m using it as my embellishment and lining for the skirt and cowl, which I feel remains in the spirit of the challenge.  The panels of the skirt have drawn threads that are highlighted with gold embroidery floss.

Week 2: Skirt detail 2

I actually really dig the resulting dress shape and will probably make it again in for myself from a material that isn’t burlap.

Problems with this look:

  1. Where the skirt panels join at the hip line is messy.  I should have reinforced them more.  Especially since the dress was thrown in the dryer.
  2. The drawn thread treatment should have been the same on front and back.  I totally underestimated the time involved in the process.
  3. Too short?  I’m a bad judge of that.  It’s a butt-skimmer, but I tend to think in what one can wear while sitting.  On a bus.
  4. Yes, the zipper is the wrong colour. I’ll have you know that the local fabric shop is about twenty-plus minutes away by car.

Total time—8:19
Time left—1:41

Next week’s previews indicate a teamwork challenge.  As you may remember from how I wrote out my rules, I’ve thought of a provision for that.  I’m going to have a “guest designer” who will give me a sketch and dictate how I make one of the two (!!) pieces.

9 Thoughts to “Week 2: Finished!”

  1. magpie

    super cute! I agree that the skirt is a bit short for practical wear, but as a party dress it works. I adore the drawn work – ambitious but totally worth the effort.

  2. BZedan

    Ha, I know. I had to remind myself “party wear is not practical wear.”

    Part of me hopes that all this focus on sewing will get me excited to to embellishment work again.

  3. Laurel

    That is freakin’ adorable. Love the gold details & the plaid. GOLD LAME AND BURLZAP

  4. BZedan

    Direct Chase quote, “It looks good one you because it is a weird dress.”

  5. Good lord. That seriously looks cool. I dig the high neck or scarfy bit or whatever that is, and the fact that it is short but ruffled out all Frenchly, and also the more ragged/complicated business at the back of the skirt.

    There’s something very Tom Waits about combining burlap and gold lamé.

  6. BZedan

    Matt, that is the best description of describy words ever.

  7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Amanda L

    I second all of that, especially Matt’s!

    I think Chase and Gavin would get along well. They share secret magic-eye superpowers when it comes to making “weird” work. And the ability to explain the “why” of something succinctly, honestly, and weirdly, without coming across as “rude”.

    I don’t think the skirt is too short, and I totally dig the flounciness of it. Honestly, again, I think you’ve done well creating something that wouldn’t need a lot of alteration in order to be flattering on just about anyone. That’s really a rare talent.

  9. BZedan

    I will say Chase’s possibility for being a little too blunt is softened by me thinking that any of his possibly annoying traits are endearing.

    Patterns and shapes with a wider range of application are an obsession. Old sewing/wardrobe books that I read growing up loved styles like that.

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