Week 2: Progress

I’d originally thought that the contestants’ fabric was limited to the dimensions of a burlap bag.  Laying out my pattern pieces the other night I realised that must be false, as a basic dress shape takes up the majority of the yardage, leaving little extra for the fripperies that were so popular last episode.

Thank goodness for that.  Boo, however, to no muslin lining or stabiliser.  I have a plan, however.

I cut out the fabric while watching Trailer Park Boys and cursed myself for what appears to be some def measurement overestimations.  Even with measuring tape I insist on thinking I’m a size or two larger than I am.

And I hated the racerback thing, so there was mucho cutting happening after the first fitting (the annoyance of which was softened by the melodious strains of Danzig).

It’s dyed and drying now.  It should be in the dryer, but the one that the apartments share is being used.  LAME.  I want to get this thing done, it’s so close to finished.  There’s a limited amount I can do while the dress is all damp.

Week 2: let's call it "incentive"

Well.  I can scrub the bath again.  Which, PS, I am not counting in my work time.

Total time—5:41
Time left—4:19

2 Thoughts to “Week 2: Progress”

  1. In my experience, jute tends to shred like an insane thing on any machine laundering that is not the most delicate of cycles. So this may be for the best.

    Unrelated, Sir Christopher Lee has a metal concept album out. He is apparently fixated on shedding the blood of Saxon men.

  2. BZedan

    All raw ends are overstitched or stay-stitched, so it should survive 20-30 minutes of dryer. I also want it to become acquainted with a fabric softener sheet. Oh man have I had things unravel in the wash before. It is fun-terrible (torn muslin strips, oh LORDY).

    I have heard of this! I have not listened to it yet, however. Concept albums in general I find heartwarming. This is double-plus.

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