Week 3: Setup/Sketch

PRPA Week 3: Sketch

Oh man, the first team challenge.  For my adaptation I’ve roped in the skillz of Chase, the A to my Z.  We’ve collabed before, but for the first part of this challenge—designing a “signature piece” as inspired by the modern fashion collections at the Met—it’s all him.

I gave Chase thirty minutes to whip me up a sketch and in about five he brings me the following design and an explanation of the idea.  “I am not great at drawing people,” he says.  I realise now I should have told him to draw it on a demon or creature.  It is me that’s going to wear the end result, after all.

It is, in fact, a solid idea, though I may need to procure some bukram or something.

The second piece is supposed to be a derivation of another team’s “signature piece”, interpreted in a more mass-market way.  For simplicity’s sake I’m going to be all inspired by Chase’s design.  For some reason I was super speedy and got these done in a quarter hour:

And you know you can click the images for bigger, right?

In the episode, contestants get a $500 to create their signature look and 10% of that ($50) for the simple one.  Which I’m going to laugh at and say that I doubt the total cost of the fabric for both my pieces will come anywhere near half the lowest price limit.

I’ll be working on both pieces at the same time, since I’m under particular time constraints.  All definitive stages of fitting and sewing the signature look will be supervised by or run past Chase.  It is his design, but the guy hasn’t sewn more than a quick hem in years, so I’ll be the one to make it, sticking as close as I can to his original vision.

4 Thoughts to “Week 3: Setup/Sketch”

  1. I can totally reference that to an episode of Blakes 7. (The garments in question were velcro’d vinyl ponchos however, because they were Space Clothing. And the planet specialized in Inappropriate Use Of Vinyl or something.) I’m all anxious to see how yours comes out!

  2. BZedan

    I’ve yet to watch Blakes 7 (which Chase thinks maybe we do have tucked away somewhere), and yet it clearly pervades our lives. It will be weird when I finally see it.

    I think, after prodding Chase for answers, it will be quilted with a stiff layer in the middle for body and form. We’ll see. I’m going to have to drape this bastard to figure the pattern. Ugh.

  3. I won’t send you relevant screencaps until this week’s challenge is over; I wouldn’t want to exert an influence on yours & Chase’s process.

  4. BZedan

    Ooh, this week I’ll get a reward! I’m super curious now. I’ll probably be taking snaps of the fabric he picked soon. I wonder how that matches up too (oddly enough [not really] he went future-y).

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