Week 4: Finished!

This challenge has been finished since the 10th, but a trip to the coast interfered with my posting schedule.  I got a couple of quick shots of the dress on Amanda during lunch at work:


So, instead of a heart-disease survivor who will wear the dress on the red carpet we have a single lady who will wear the dress while bieng her dark fairy self.  At karaoke, if you need it to be fancy.

1. I suck at sleeves and need to take in the armhole some.  It’s a little to fall-y off-y on the shoulders otherwise.
2. Not really red carpet.  Not really caring here.

That’s really about it!  Amanda dug the way it fit at the waist and dug the foofies.  I feel she should acessorise with a battle axe.

Total time—6:09
Time left—3:51

The next challenge has already aired and is (yet another) signature, eye-catching pretty dress challenge.  There’ll be a post on that shortly. . .

2 Thoughts to “Week 4: Finished!”

  1. Amanda (not that Amanda, the other Amanda)

    I think it’s fun, and would definitely wear it! And agree, you did great on the fit through the middle. That can be a really problematic area for us curvier gals. Kudos. 🙂

  2. BZedan

    Aw yay! I am very in love with the possibilities of knit fabrics. She’s super hip curves too, it was fun laying out a pattern that had such a dramatic curve from hip to waist.

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