Week 4: Pattern/Fitting

The actual form of this dress is very simple.  There’s an over-dress layered over the same shape under, black-brown over red.

I waited ages for the other apartments to be done with the dryer so I could do the final rinse and dry of the length of fabric I’d dyed red.  Giving up, I cut out and sewed what will be the over-dress, still undyed.  I was filled with total terror about the fitting, OMiG foreign measurements!  During our break at work I got Amanda in it and marked what needed to be done.

She always looks incredulous.

Waist needs taken in, the armhole needs to be bigger, bringing the shoulders up more so it is a little better situated, (my fault for not getting the shoulder to armpit measurement) and those were the only probs.  The back is perfect, showing her tattoo without exposing bra strap.  We determined the length, having her sit to make sure she’ll remain decent.

Oof.  Now to make the changes, rinse and dye the red fabric before sewing it, dye the over-dress, join them together at key points, shred and goth up the overdress to reveal the underlying red, then flare and add the foofiness at the bottom.

Total time—1:15
Time left—8:45