Week 4: Setup/Sketch

After the pain in my ass that was week three, I am looking forward to this challenge.  It’s a “real woman” one, the tear-jerking twist being that they’ve all been impacted by heart disease, the sponsor tie-in being that they’ve got to work Campbell Soup’s logo and whatnot in.  As the winning look barely used the Campbell-branded fabric (which I do not have access to), I’m not going to overly concern myself with the last bit.  The first part I totally have down.

A co-worker of mine, Amanda (who is great) has recently changed her Facebook status to “single” and if that isn’t a poetic form of heart disease then I need to better research my puns.  The setting for the garment is “red-carpet gala at Fashion Week.”   Amanda’s guidelines were simple. Nothing up on her neck, no slutty necklines, emphasise the waist and show off the tattoo. Now, this isn’t the space for me to blather about my personal feelings on Fashion, so I’ll make this quick.

The hella square, women-wear-dresses, grownup prom aspects of the red carpet do not jive with me.  Nor does Fashion’s (capital “F” here) snobbishness towards particular looks and fabrics.  It’s fashion, people.  It is fun clothes and looking boss and feeling awesome.  And maybe even “wicked” or “sick”.  It’s an industry that has a beautifully ouroboros relationship with the street and the people, but doesn’t want to admit it.  So, honest, there is no reason why a lady like my “client” for this challenge would want to wear some chiffony crap if that is not her thing.

And Amanda’s aesthetic is dark metal-fairy-Viking.

A $20 splurge at my local filled my arms with foofy bits, cotton jersey and dye.


With her Nordic porcelain skin, Amanda is not one who can easily rock primary reds, but I found some great orangey/rust ones that I know she likes.  The jersey is going to be dyed.  I know that fancy Fashion folks have issues with jersey.  That is because they are dumb and think it’s bourgeois.  But if you look at regular people who like clothes, they tend to dig it.  It’s comfortable (gasp!), fun to work with (horrors!), easy to clean (WHAT!) and I can make a dress with it that a “real” person can wear, look awesome in and not need a zipper for.

We went over the sketch today and she’s loving it.  I’ll do a fit on Monday and finish it up on Tuesday.