Week 5: Finished!

Ugh, I am sick of “make a pretty dress” challenges.  I deviated from my sketch out of boredom and nearly ennui’d myself into sewing a shit pile.  No more zippers ever.  Is that okay?  After this any pretty dress challenge is going to get the sewing equivalent of cold connections.  Here’s my pattern plot for the dress.  I didn’t even thumbnail sketch the changed idea, I just went straight to the pattern, as is my normal way of doing things:

So, eye catching and spring.  How’s pink and bright blue?  And a little skin, why not.  Though I don’t think Marie Claire is one of the mags you see a black plastic cover over at the supermarket.



This piece totally reminded me of how, really, my experience is in altering and separates.  There are some def construction errors and Miz Garcia would have probs let me have it.


  1. Pretty dang short.  It’s for a magazine cover, so I’m consoling myself that it wouldn’t matter as much.
  2. The pin tucks don’t match up as well as they should. And there are some issues with the top bit going into the middle bit.
  3. I did not really suceed in making my cheap materials look not cheap.  But at least I did not make expensive materials look like they were also fished out of the blankets & curtains section of the Bins.
  4. Proportions are kind of weird and really I am not a fan of the whole thing.

Total time—7:00 (approx)
Time left—3:00

Next episode appears to involve clothing children.  Possibly in a “mommy and me” context.  I don’t really have children directly in my life, so figuring out a way to work this is going to be interesting.

4 Thoughts to “Week 5: Finished!”

  1. eveanhei

    Do you have small, warped stuffed animals or sculptures that could be co-opted?

  2. BZedan

    Oh my God I have my Muppet.

  3. Amanda

    YAY, dress the Muppet!!!

  4. BZedan

    Murray Anderson is going to be so stylin’.

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