Week 6: Finished!

In the spirit of actually enjoying myself with this challenge I used mostly knits.  Also they were on sale and I cannot resist on-sale knits.  This was also so Murray could have a real shirt that he could slip on over his giant head, unlike the dickie-attached-to coat ensemble he came in.  In the same vein I decided against buttons on the vest—if this was for a real kid the less formal look of it would work pretty well.

I was happily surprised by how well the ruffley neck bits for the other top went and the result isn’t too marmy, which his style totally can be.  I think the structure of the underbust vest helps some with that.



So this was a confidence-raiser for me, simple fabrics I like, working with a ridiculous puppet.  I don’t think it’s too Target (which was an issue for one of the PR contestants), but could be too motley (which was an issue for another PR contestant).


  1. Too simple?  Not “designed” enough?
  2. Too matchy-matchy?
  3. The underbust vest should be more fitted.
  4. Ditto the leggings. After six weeks I am still having trouble believing my measurements.

Total time—09:36
Time left—00:26 (whew! cutting it close)

There’s no new episode for this week, so yay I get a week off to work on my own sort of projects!  In Tim’s blog he hints “Hammer and nails, anyone?”

4 Thoughts to “Week 6: Finished!”

  1. Know what? Motley is appropriate to Henson-style; particularly light-hearted motley, particularly Henson’s 80s work. [insert Fraggle Rock reference here] So I think this suits Murray just fine.

    Love how your ruffle came out. It’s just enough of an echo of his, and yet grown-up enough to work on its own.

  2. BZedan

    Thank you. And when it comes down to it, Henson’s work in the 80s was a huge influence to my poor little brain. It’s a good contrast to Murray’s little business suit.

    I had fun with the ruffle! Gathering fabric like this is a newer technique for me, I’ve used it maybe a half-dozen times. It was only Chase’s guidance that stopped me from adding a bunch more layers.

  3. Laurel

    I am loving this so hard. You and Murray make a great duo. (Ruffles!)

  4. BZedan

    Aw shucks.

    I do think I secretly love ruffles. It’s going to come back big after being repressed for so long.

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