Week 6: Setup/Sketch

Ugh, I have been getting my pride caught up in this when, like, DUH, I am not a seamstress and this is supposed to be fun.  Thank the fates for this next challenge—designing something for a 5-9 year old and—surprise! (not)—a complementary look for the accompanying model.

So, I do not know children.  I know a couple of babies, but despite their recent frightening increase in mobility, school-age kids they’re not.  How to go about the challenge?  Well, I have smart friends.  And a muppet.

Murray and I have a complicated relationship that involves me being kind of scared of him, despite thinking that he is amazing.  I’m hoping that having to hang out with him will help me get over that.

Alright, off to sew some fun.  4 realz.

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  1. eveanhei


    Looking forward to seeing this happen.

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