Week 7: Finished!

No pattern was needed for this, all pleating “math”.  This is the shortest time I’ve taken so far and one of my favourite looks.  What I think this tells me is that I really just like making stuff, more than clothes.

For materials I went with fiberglass screening, garbage bags, astroturf and a Velcro closure (you can totally buy hook & loop closures at hardware stores).  Also, I am highly considering making an endless amount of bell shaped crins and little skirts and always having skirts this poufy, it is my favourite thing.




  1. Bust could fit better, it’s a little gapey.
  2. Should have brought the yellow from the underskirt somewhere else.
  3. The “fur” is a little mousey looking, but I do sort of like that.

Total time—04:21
Time left—05:39

Um, the previews for the next challenge tell us straight out that the look is to be themed after (“dun, dun, dun”) earth, air, wind, or fire. To which my partner was all like “You mean you’re dressing Captain Planet?”

2 Thoughts to “Week 7: Finished!”

  1. Amanda the Great

    Oh my god you have to do yours as heart.

  2. BZedan

    Holy crap. You are a genius. I need to do a mental check and see if that is not just going to totally throw me. However: probs it will not and it is, frankly, inexplicably less weak-ass than the four elements.

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