Week 8: Done!

Yes, this is quite overdue, see Week 9’s post for semi-explanation.

Due to fabric limitations I wasn’t able to totally abide by my original sketch, but I am nonetheless happy with the outcome.  It’s faintly deco-y with all the angles, which was unexpected.



So, not like, totally “air” I guess.  But in my opinion the winning look wasn’t either.  I decided to go barefoot, ’cause that is my personal view of Mercury (never been a big fan of the wing’d sandals), who was some of the primary inspiration.  Fleet of foot one cannot be in heels.


  1. The undershirts should have been longer to hit the hip better.
  2. Pants don’t fit perfectly, but they’re comfortable, so I’m calling it a draw.
  3. Should have totes made a hat, but was worried about being too aviator.

Total time—06:18
Time left—03:42