We’re going on a trip to his homeland of Wyoming*

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So, I will be hard to get a hold of for the next two weeks as we go on our first vacation in four years. And I’ll be commenting even less on everybody’s stuff! I’m gonna try to check the email at least once a day, if I can, using Chase’s mom’s power as the Young Adult librarian to access the local internets and things, mostly so I don’t drown in emails. Though we’re going to be shooting mainly film on this trip (NERDS), I am taking my little digital point-and-shoot and a card reader, in hopes I can toss some snaps up on Flickr intermittently.

Here is my freehand embroidery interpretation of where we are going:

I think this is the cutest state I’ve done in the set. It’s on raw canvas, which—non-surprise—is a total pain to embroider. This guy’s French-knotted head was a terror to do.
Wyoming: detail 1

*Though he’s spent and equal amount of life both here and south of San Diego**
**Yes, there are things south of San Diego