Writing progress and July’s focus

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Not a lot of progress this past week, though I’ve begun typing up the chapter that will be inserted into The Audacity Gambit. Funny how this month’s focus was supposed to be working on the second book but ended up being equally focused on revising the first. The stories go hand-in-hand, though, so it makes sense in a way.

Regarding July’s focus, there are some big changes at my work that will be taking up a lot of brain space, so that is going to have to be a consideration. At least I’ve regained a lot of traction with writing, so revising the old and writing the new will continue, just at a slower pace.

This month has Chase’s birthday, so I asked him to pick three focus topics and in the end just made him decide which one.  He picked:

  1. Animatic for The Audacity Gambit
  2. Sewing: clothes
  3. Ink comic from last February (Richard III)
  4. Nails
  5. Photography: make sets, pick direction
  6. Library
  7. Garden
  8. Cooking
  9. Painting
  10. Fashion blogging
  11. The unfinished/begun monographs
  12. Final Space Goth chapter
  13. Chase and Brenna collabs
  14. Miniatures
  15. Get rid of old art
  16. Printmaking
  17. Papier mâché
  18. Old photos


In the end, he picked the animatic ‘trailer’, which is sweet of him, since he will be helping me quite a bit with it and it keeps me in the writing world, helping us both finish the tasks we have to in revising and outlining.

We just finished a lovely evening drive where we hashed out the roughest sketch of what will work best.  The crazy thing is now I’ve got to draw Emily for the first time.